Saturday, July 5, 2008

THE GARDEN REPORT (sorry brother)

We are out of the hundreds. It happened so fast! It seems like only two days ago....wait a minute...

So we didn't go on a date last night. Whaddya want!? Geez people, we have two kids 5 and under (that sounds like a buffet sign at a ..a ... buffet..... I'm on a roll this morning. Thank you ADHD.) Nor did  we want to cause my mother to avoid our house like so often happens after 2 days in a row with the spawn. Phone message from Dora to my mother sounds like this following two days of on purpose grandmother sitting: "Gramma. Hey GRAMAAAAHHH! GRAMMMMMA! Why you not answering you phone? Brudder and me want you to come over and to be the whale and we will be the doll fins and we will swim together on the carpet in the upstairs water that is the ocean. Then you can give us SHUUUUGGGGAR! Call us back at the green house!" That being said, I didn't ask my mom to babysit. WHEW, I am ALL wound up today!

We put the kids to bed in a timely manner, and met up in the den of love downstairs. After several false starts that were not our fault ("MAAHHHMMMAAA! Can you come check on me!? I think I need water. I think I need pee pee. I think I did not have the breakfast. I think I did not have dinner. What's for my dessert? Can we do fireworks?), we decided to garden on the bathroom counter, as I prefer planting in various places to keep it from becoming a boring garden. It was everything but. Go Leo, baby!

I am noticing an odd happening. We are already more playful with one another, with me not being the uptight sex Nazibeeatch ("No ass for you!") that I can sometimes be every day all the time always. There is no, "Will we or won't we? Will we fight about it? Will we discuss it for too long? Can I NOT have sex and we still be lovey? Can I hold sex itself like the winning card in a game of naked poker, taunting him because I'm the dealer?" There is none of that. We KNOW we're having sex, so we're just being cool... he immediately did all of the dishes after dinner as well. And wiped the counter. AND set the coffee. I think I might be on to something. Hee Hee....I have SUCH a dirty mind. ON to something.....

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