Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Garden Report

secret government name for SEX

From this point on, every reference to the sexperiment will open with “The Garden Report”. This is code for “HEY brother!! HEY! I’m about to talk about sex with my husband and I know that this makes you want to vomit on your dog’s head so you can stop reading as soon as the spirit moves you.” It ain’t about flowers....


and the events leading up to “gardening”

Leonidas and I went on a date last night. That IS what you do before planned sex, right? I even showered. My mom, after being out of town with the dad for two weeks, was actually willing to babysit the spawn on purpose, without getting paid, for a few hours while we painted the town. Painting the town at this point in life means dinner and a movie, hopefully the ENTIRE movie with both parties still awake at the end. No one gets mad though if one happens to doze for a quick minute. We have an understanding ‘cause our kids suck our life juice. We had dinner at a cute little Italian restaurant where I devoured yet more lettuce and chicken, but with a kick arse dressing. It’s nice to mix the SBD (last time, South Beach Diet for all my new friends) up sometimes....dressing change ups have started to make me feel all wild and crazy! (Only those of you familiar with the SBD will have any freakin’ clue what I’m talkin’ about. The rest of you, welcome to my world. Sorry, it doesn’t get any better.) I’m rambling....

We saw WANTEDwith Angelina “my face is hot but my body looks like I’ve missed a couple of years on the food train” Jolie and the little dude from Atonement, James McAvoy. Oh, almost forgot Morgan Freeman. I normally tend to lean toward dramas and documentaries, not so much the shoot ‘em, blow things up genre. But I WAS on a date with Mr. Incredible, and did I mention that Angelina Jolie was in this? Again I digress....The reviews from this movie have been fairly decent, with a glowing report on a morning radio show being the deciding factor in our viewing pleasure choice. Keep in mind that living secret government lives, we like guns. The bigger the better, baby. This movie S.U.C.K.E.D. I do not care if you all see it and want to have WANTED’s baby, you will never convince me that it was worth my free ticket. What I’m trying to say here is that I didn’t like it. I MIGHT still be reeling from WALL-E love, and that’s all right. He’s worth it. God I love that robot. Moving on... we leave said movie (BOTH yawning) and proceed quietly to the driving home part of the date. The sexperiment has been the big fat elephant standing on my head the entire time, so I kick it in the butt and say something along the lines of “Honey, let’s just do it.” How romantic. As it usually goes with sex and the gym, once you get the “ball rolling” so to speak, it was worth the sweat. That’s all I’ll say about that for the moment, as I fear my brother may have continued reading on to the end. If you need more details, you just might need help that I can’t offer you. Yellow pages. Therapist. It’s time.

100 days to go!

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